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A tiny "Princess Pine" growing in the forest... one of millions found at WilderHaven.
Examples of many of the mosses growing in profusion throughout the WilderHaven estate. Over the centuries, their buildup has formed a deep, rich humus in the soil, great for gardening.
Entry to the famous "Rock Walk", a half-km
tour thru the "Jurassic Zone", up to the
caves at the north end of the estate.
Half-way along the "Rock Walk", past the cliffs of the "Jurassic Zone", along the valley leading to the entry to "Ghost Cave".
Some quiet "Family Time" at the shore of the small Marlow-Anne Lake. Imagine waking up every morning to a view as peaceful as this. . . . . .
Yellow dot on map shows where photo was taken in comparison to overall size of the property.
WilderHaven is available for singles,
couples, families and eco-aware groups
looking for a place for outdoor events and camping experiences.