Ready for . . . .
No matter where you're from, or whatever your background, if you appreciate
the feeling of truly "roughing it" in your wilderness camping experience,
WilderHaven welcomes you.
If you want to experience a restful, calming time, giving yourself time to soak up some sunshine,
meditative quiet and peacefulness, WilderHaven is the place to be.....
A camping retreat that focusses on YOUR need for tranquillity and restfulness.
Yes, this is not the place for "luxuries"... no colour TV, no hot showers, no mints
on your pillow, etc. But it has breathtaking scenery, wildlife to photograph,
brilliant stars in deep black skies at night, the biggest campsites you have ever
seen, peace and quiet, and all the privacy you require.
     AND perfect cellphone reception if you absolutely need it!
else !!!

And remember, for the adventurous and those who love a challenge, Winter Camping is available, too!
(The panorama below shows looking from North-to-South...
check the small "N" and "S" in the lower left and right corners.)